Step2 KYC Upload

In order to complete this section you will need to first get a ‘Certificate of Translation’ from This is a free service during the launch in Japan.

Find more information here.

After that you will need to upload the 3 Documents.

01kyc 001kyc 02kyc

-In the 1st field ‘Proof of ID’ upload your government issued ID, showing your name and address matching what you wrote during registration.
-In the 2nd field ‘Proof of Address’ first upload the utility bill, and after successfully uploading it, wait a few minutes to make sure the file has successfully uploaded, and then choose the “Proof of Address” option again and upload the picture of the ‘Certificate of Translation’ document.


-After you have uploaded the ‘Certificate of Translation’, please let us know and we will communicate with the office in Germany to get your account approved.
-If you are declined, do not worry, it happens, it’ll just be a delay. Get in touch with us and we will work everything out.

Next is time to decide your package Step3