How to Sell

You can Sell to or sell to has a ‘Buy Back’ price updated every day.
-By filling out a form you can quickly sell the gold held in your Free Storage at
-You can send you Karatbars back to Karatbars Corporation in Germany.
-You must be a registered customer or affiliate to view the daily updated price at will have a better ‘Buy Back’ price than Karatbars.
-Fast; a quick domestic transaction vs sending to Germany
-Easy to calculate because;
-No International bank wire fee’s
-No FOREX exchange fee to receive EURO from sale of your gold.

-Our buy back price will be written on the KaratBars listing at
-Here is the process we will use;
#1 Send Your Product to
#2 will verify the authenticity with the SDNA reader
#3 You will then be able to sell your Karatbars gold to will begin this in 2016!

You can contact us here to begin the process.

Looking for partners around Japan
We are looking for partners all around Japan who would like to make money with our Buy-Back/Exchange Business.