Type of Accounts

-The First type is a Free Affiliate & Customer Account
-The Second type requires a 1 time Affiliate Package Purchase.
-All accounts have NO Mandatory Minimum Purchases (even for affiliates).
-KaratBars pays out a very large percentage of it’s profit to affiliates in commissions.

#1 Free Accounts (Free Customer & Free Affiliate)
-Get a 3% discount card from Gold-Ichiba for ‘preferred rate’ good for 1 year
Click here to open an account
-You are paid up to 6% commissions on all transactions from customers personally introduced by you. See Marketing PDF from Page 32-33



-This is called a ‘unilevel’ commission.
-Karatbars automatically calculates your Unilevel commission & sends your commissions Monthly to your MasterCard.

-The Account is Complete Free!
-You receive a Digital ‘Back Office’, Shopping Site, Personal links etc.


#2 One Time Cost Affiliate Package for Team Commission (Called the Dual Team Bonus)
-This is a 1 time fee only. No ongoing cost, monthly or yearly.
-There are NO Mandatory Minimum Purchases to be eligible for commissions.
-Dual Team Affiliates get the 3% discounted ‘preferred rate’ for their own gold purchases, by entering a 3% bonus card that comes with a Dual Team Affiliate Package.

There are Many Ways to Earn Commissions.
Unilevel Commissions up to 6% (Same as Free Affiliates)
-You earn ‘Unilevel’ commissions for gold purchases made by your referred customers. See Marketing PDF from Page 32-33

 Direct Commission up to 20% (of select products)
-Affiliates can earn direct commissions up to 20% on all products (other than gold, gold is Unilevel only)
-Most Karatbars products other than Gold product’s have a direct commission.

-You can find a detailed list of products here (You must be a registered customer to view)

Dual Team Bonus Commission
-Here Your commissions are NOT limited to only those You personally introduce.
-You get ‘Units’ in your account for all products sold within in the ‘Team’.
-Every product has unit value. Some products produce more Units than others.
-Every time a product is sold every affiliate in the Dual Team gets ‘Units’ in their account
-Affiliate Units are never expired, they stay until you generate a commission.

-In the ‘Dual Team’ you have a left and a right side.
-Free Customers & Dual Team Affiliates are placed within your teams.
-A commission is generated upon a combination of 75 Units (25 left/50 right or 50 right/25 left)


-The Euro Amount of Your ‘Dual Team Commission’ is based on the Affiliate Package you have purchased.

-The higher Affiliate Package the higher your Dual Team Bonus will be.

Bronze=10 Euro   Silver=40Euro Gold=60 Euro  VIP=80 Euro



There are 4 levels. Each includes; gold, discount cards, promo material
-Bronze 5% direct commissions, 10 Euro Dual Team Bonus, 5 Units everyone on team.

-Silver 10% direct commissions, 40 Euro Dual Team Bonus, 20 Units everyone on team.

-Gold 15% direct commissions, 60 Euro Dual Team Bonus, 50 Units everyone on team.

-VIP  20% direct commissions, 80 Euro Dual Team Bonus, 100 Units everyone on team.

-If you choose the VIP package then 100 Euro Discount card will be given to you from Gold-Ichiba.com


-You can upgrade to a higher commission paying package, by simply paying the difference between the two packages.

-Karatbars automatically calculates your Dual Team Commission & pays you Weekly to your MasterCard

-No need to worry about calculating it yourself..it’s all automatic.


There are other incentive bonus’ as well. Please see the details in the Marketing PDF.


You have 2 options for registering at Karatbars.com

#1 Do it yourselfSee below for step by step instructions.

#2 Let us do it for youClick here to fill out the form.