Certificate of Translation Request


The Office in Germany needs to verify the name and address of all customers & affiliates. They do not read Japanese, so the Gold-Ichiba.com company will prepare a ‘Certificate of Translation’ for you. This is a service that will be offered free during the launch in Japan.

WHAT DO I NEED TO DO? You have two options

  • Option#1 You can have us open an account for you by filling out the form found at this link. We take care of the process from A-Z. If you choose this option you do not need to continue on this page.
  • Option#2 Register at Karatbars.com on your own, and then send us a picture of how your name & address are registered at Karatbars.com.  (This can be a PC screenshot or smart phone picture). You can find your name / address after registering at Karatbars.com ‘Profile’–‘View Profile’. If you need help contact us.

I’LL REGISTER ON MY OWN….WHAT IS THE NEXT STEP? Fill out the form below, but first you will need 2 pictures.

  • #1 A picture of official ID; a drivers license, 住民基本台帳カード, Hokensho, a Japanese Passport (even if the address on the passport is outdated), or a Residence Card. This is to verify that you are indeed who you say you are.
  • #2 A utility bills; electricity bill, gas bill, cellular phone bill, bank statements, zandaka shomeisho, or the front page of bank books (Tsucho, as long as it shows address and the name of the account holder). This to verify your current address. IMPORTANT: These must be pictures (not scans) showing the whole document; all 4 corners must be seen in the picture.

Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)

Telephone Number / Fax Number

Karatbars.com User ID (You must first be registered at Karatbars.com)

Upload Utility Bill (Electric, Gas, Water, Phone etc)

Upload Picture ID (Passport, Hokensho, Drivers License etc)

Note to Gold-Ichiba.com



  • We will send you a picture of the ‘Certificate of Translation’ as soon as the form above is filled out.
  • You will then need to upload the ‘Certificate of Translation’ at Karatbars.com, by going to the ‘KYC’ area (Know Your Customer).
  • In the 1st field ‘Proof of ID’ upload your government issued ID, showing your name and address matching what you wrote during registration.
  • In the 2nd field ‘Proof of Address’ first upload the utility bill, and after successfully uploading it, wait a few minutes to make sure the file has successfully uploaded, and then choose the “Proof of Address” option again and upload the picture of the ‘Certificate of Translation’ document.
  • After you have uploaded the ‘Certificate of Translation’, please let us know and we will communicate with the office in Germany to get your account approved.

If you have any questions or problems please contact us.