Fast, Easy, Low Cost…Happening Now!

Japan KaratBar’s Launch

Here you will find the many ways that will be supporting Karatbars introduction to Japan.
All of the Support Services will be FREE during the launch period in Japan, so take advantage of this by acting now to open your FREE account.

Our Goal is to make each step as FAST / as EASY / and as LOW COST as possible for You!

-Karatbars offers every person affordable gold at, 1gram, 2.5gram, 5gram increments.
-Everyone who has income should own some gold and accumulate it on a regular basis!
-It is’s company goal to see millions of Japanese have Savings in gold & silver.
-Because Karatbars are the worlds most secure gold product will begin a gold Buy-Back / Exchange Service.
-A Buy-Back / Exchange Service will make it easier to save in Gold, knowing that You can sell when You need or want to.
-There are already many locations in Europe where Karatbars can be exchanged & even used as money.
-We are looking for partners within Japan who would like to make money with our Buy-Back/Exchange Business.
-Karatbars pays a large portion of their profit back to Affiliates in commissions, to those who introduce Customers & Affiliates.
-Karatbars will make many Millionaires over the next 10-15 years. –You could be one of them.
-We need 200–500 Customers & Affiliates for the Headquarters in Germany to translate the official site into Japanese.
-Once the official site is translated to Japanese;
-There will be massive growth similar to Amway, other Affiliate Network businesses.
-It will be very easy for new Japanese to become customers & affiliates
-Those who become affiliates now, before all that translation & exposure will have a great ‘1st Move Advantage’.
-Gold is a product that everyone needs to have, our market is everyone! –and most want as much as they can afford! (unlike many other products) will provide information at regarding;
-Gold Products
-Free customer / Free Affiliate accounts (Unilevl Commission Only, those who you personally introduce, No Team Commission)
-1 Time Cost Affiliate Account (Both Unilevel Commission & Dual Team Commissions)

SUPPORT for each step of the way
-Easy registration –We can do everything for you! Just fill out this form here.
Or follow this picture guide here.
-Open a Free Account (Free Customer / Free Affiliate Account with Unilevel Commission) or
-Open a 1 Time Cost Affiliate Account (Unilevel Commission & For Team Commission)

-How to make purchases at
-How to set up an Auto-gold purchase facility
-How to get your account approved
-How to place your order for a low cost Euro purchase & transfer with

-Free Live Support in English & Japanese
-Skype (when affiliates area available)
-Live Chat (When affiliates are available)
-Phone (When affiliates are available)

-3% Discount Cards (for gold purchases, Good for 1 year)
-100 Euro Discount Cards (for 1 time Pay VIP Affiliate Purchases / 100 gram Purchases)
-5 Euro Cash Discount Card, for select gold products

-Affiliate Commissions are pre-paid to a ‘MasterCard’ so You can take them out at an ATM.
-Karatbars Headquarters in Germany is required to verify the identity of their customers/affiliates.
-You only need to upload 3 documents to Karatbars for account approval.
-#1 A Picture of Government ID (Passport best, Drivers License, My Number Card)
-#2 A Picture of a recent utility bill or first page of Bank Book.(Electricity, Gas Bill, Cell phone Bill, Credit Card Bill)
-#3Certificate of Translation (Japanese to English) for the #1 Government ID &  #2 the utility bill. will provide you with this ‘Certificate of Translation’ Free of Charge during launch.
-Get Your Free Account Opened Now before this limited offer expires. will communicate with the head office in English on your behalf, until your account is approved

-The First is a completely Free Affiliate & Customer Account,
-The Second type requires a 1 time purchase of an Affiliate Package.
-All account have NO Mandatory Minimum Purchases (even for Affiliates).
-Affiliate Units are never expired, they stay until you generate a commission.
-KaratBars pays out a very large percentage of it’s profit to Affiliates in commissions.

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